Baroness Deech: Universities and freedom of speech

Our thanks to Paul for alerting us to this.

Baroness Deech was formerly the Principal of St Anne’s College, Oxford. Oxford University has for many years been a hotbed of radical feminism, with academics and students afraid to speak out publicly against bullying men-hating ideologues.

We plan to meet up with some of those academics and students later this month. Feminism needs to be openly and vigorously challenged in Oxford University, as in all British universities, and we intend to be a catalyst in that overdue response.

One thought on “Baroness Deech: Universities and freedom of speech

  1. Excellent piece by Deech and that fact makes it hurt us all the more. She completely walked past the nearly 50% of the population that this issue muzzles via PC gynocentrism and misandry, although she did touch on the PC homosexual and transsexual minority of the male population. Thank goodness for the UK conservative women, the North American Honey Badgers and the women supporting the men’s movement in India among others. Tut, tut Deech.

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