Maria Miller MP is as mad as a March hare

Our thanks to Sean for this. Maria Miller, a Conservative MP, wants passports and driving licences to be ‘de-gendered’ because they cause ‘problems’ for transgendered people. It has been estimated that around one in 10,000 men, and one in 30,000 women, are transgendered. Miller’s proposal is to alter important ID documentation in order to reduce a ‘problem’ not experienced by 9,999 out of every 10,000 men, and 29,999 out of every 30,000 women. That makes sense.

5 thoughts on “Maria Miller MP is as mad as a March hare

  1. I was watching an historical drama on television recently. It featured a woman who dressed as a man to ‘be able to get the job’. (Historic records show that women held those positions anyway but this IS fictional drama I’m watching.)

    It struck me that an issue was being made of a female being a cross-dresser to ‘fit in’, yet today there are thousands of men having their very genitals chopped so that THEY can fit in today’s feminist society. How will this be viewed in a couple of hundred years, I wonder.

    I’m not saying that some mentally ill people don’t need a genital hacking to cure their mental issues – I’m not qualified to understand that kind of medical help – but this is clearly not the need for most, as can be seen by the greater numbers of males who transgender. This strange and rather sickening practice will undoubtably become as rare as lobotomy or female genital mutilation (still no prosecutions in over 30 years?) but in the meantime, if these people truly have a need to be seen as the opposite gender, it makes no sense to instead give them a category of anything but that gender. Having a ‘transgender’ category makes no sense, however one looks at it.

  2. 2016: successfully removed gender from drivers licenses
    2017: first names are now officially abbreviated on all legal documents on order to protect non binary minorities
    2018: surname habe been discovered to be triggering to orphans and have been replaced with random unique numbers
    2019: after the use of personal pronouns proved to be legally difficult, primary schools started referring to their pupils with their own naming scheme.
    2020: total equality is achieved. Every baby is assigned a number at birth which is tattooed on its neck; this number is to be used in all official interactions. Finally the personal has been eliminated from public life.

  3. Yes that will work out at 10 men and 30 women in her constituency. I don’t know Maria’s gender but she/he obviously belongs to the one which isn’t very good at maths.

  4. Yes it’s loopy, but she doesn’t really believe it herself.
    She’s just desperate for some sort of political identity and a nascent voter base.

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