A warm welcome to Jasmin Newman, an Australian Honey Badger

I was recently alerted to the existence of Jasmin Newman, an Australian Honey Badger, by a supporter who paid her pre-registration fee for ICMI16. She runs the website Relating to Men. Her interesting pieces there include a recent post, The feminist elephant in the room.

From her home page:

We all have men we care about. Fathers, sons, brothers, uncles ~ no man alive today is immune from finding themselves feeling unheard and unseen in a world where everything is viewed through the feminine prism. Men deserve to be respected without having to justify their masculinity. And they deserve to be able to speak up about the issues they face, without being shouted down as irrelevant.

Relating To Men supports men who are struggling to come to terms with the life issues they are confronted with. Often these are those who have been victims of domestic violence & abuse; fathers in family court or dealing with high conflict separations; parental alienation or those navigating shared parenting arrangements…

Jasmin Newman is the creator of Relating To Men. She is a trained coach, accomplished speaker and blogger and a woman who wants to see a fairer more equitable world.  She is a dedicated advocate for the rights of men and fathers and is deeply concerned for the plight of boys and young men as they are being shamed around their masculinity in almost every aspect of their lives.  She uses her voice through videos and blogs and shares content around the globe supporting the greater cause.

Jasmin is an outspoken and independent woman, who is also a non feminist…

In July, 2016 the International Conference on Mens Issues is being held in London, UK. If you would like to support Jasmin’s current fundraising campaign to attend this event and to learn and gain knowledge from her peers, please follow this link to offer a donation.

We invite you to make what donation you can, to ensure Jasmin is able to attend ICMI16. Thank you.

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