6 thoughts on “Teresa Watson, 50, jailed for eight months for false sexual assault claim

  1. yep I can imagine that anyone will want to work next to her in a job for fear of a false accusation.
    only 8 months and she is not happy about it ? ahh bless.
    supposed if she was under the govts plan to have no women in prison she would end up in some support centre for 8 months supported by a feminist agenda group enabling her as she chants to herself in her head “That’s ridiculous”

  2. Clay,the pussy pass is the result of western men’s pandering to women. It does not exist in the non western world,and women’s whims are much less tolerated there too,thank god.
    While more and more western men are beginning to realize something has gone very wrong in our society,we are unwilling to admit it,or we would have to accept that our culture is not so great or superior,after all. And by refusing to accept that possibility on nationalistic grounds,we are only prolonging the agony along the way..Quite pathetic,actually.

  3. ‘ … in her head she does not believe she committed this offence.’

    That suggests she is mentally ill, in which case indefinite confinement in a secure mental hospital seems more appropriate. If she cannot see that she committed a very serious assault on an innocent man she is likely to do so again. Men must be protected from her.

  4. seeing situations like these over and over again,it is difficult for me to take women seriously,other than in the roles of mothers and housewives. Can’t help it.

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