#killallwhitemen row: charges dropped against Bahar Mustafa, student diversity officer

Our thanks to H for this. The feminist-led and feminist-riddled Crown Prosecution Service has (predictably) dropped charges against a truly odious, racist, sexist bigot. Would the CPS have pressed on with a case against a man who employed the hashtag #killallblackwomen or #killallblacks or #killallwomen? We can be very sure they would have.

2 thoughts on “#killallwhitemen row: charges dropped against Bahar Mustafa, student diversity officer

  1. You’ve put your finger on exactly the point – not that this little princess should have been prosecuted BUT that in current societ a MAN would have been nailed to the wall and left for the crows. Had the sexes and ‘targets’ been reversed the media would have been frothing in their hysteria and mashing the keys on their pink, sticker-covered macbooks – hyperbole and a half.

    On the subject of Booyah Moustacha herself, I don’t think prosecution was appropriate, there’s too much regulation in all of our lives for this sort of nonsense and she should be free to open her mouth and let the world know of the gaping, vacuous chasm that lies just behind it. Prosecution is not the key here, the world laughing with derision and her removal from office is what was required.

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