4 thoughts on “Emily Thornberry MP is a blithering idiot. And who is Elisabeth Scott, anyway?

  1. Google both women to see that neither worked without male supervision on the projects for which they are celebrated and the achievements of both seem to have been exaggerated. They must have been scraping the barrel if those two were the final choice. How many more eminent men were overlooked, ignored or rejected in order to prove Miss Thornberry’s puerile whine that women ‘exist’.

    An audit of those celebrated on banknotes would be useful.

    It’s just struck me that ‘exist’, and consume, and demand, and whine, is pretty much all women do, at great cost to men.

  2. Have you no ’empathy’ for the poor woman who, after millennia of oppression, has to handle a banknote or travel on a passport that is still worth only 77p for every £1.00 a man’s passport is worth?

    Emily Davison died so that women could have pink banknotes and pretty passports and be treated with the respect given to men of all races, colours, creeds and classes, all the time, always.

    Your flippant reply shows that we still have a long way to go, and to throw much more government money at the problem. But we shall overcome, we shall overcome.

  3. FFS Mike! Don’t be so unreasonable. There are lots of thing feminists do not and never will whine about.

    Credit where credit is due, they don’t whine about men living on average five to ten years less than women, they don’t whine about men suffering 97% of all workplace accidents, they don’t whine about men paying 72% of income tax, they don’t that while £250 million is spent on screening for breast cancer, fuck all is spent on prostate cancer, which is the bigger killer of human beings.

    Feminists don’t whine that men are more likely to be convicted of an offence than a women, on comparable evidence, and sentenced more harshly upon conviction; they don’t whine about the obscenely high male suicide rate, the institutionalised disadvantages men suffer in divorce and its aftermath, the higher rates of domestic violence perpetrated non-reciprocally by women against their male partners, the fact that far more men are raped than women, most in institutions they would not be in if they were women, many as boys in ‘care’; they don’t whine that men are far more likely to be the victims of violent crime and to suffer a violent death and they don’t whine that homelessness is overwhelmingly a crisis affecting men.

    There are many things feminists don’t whine about – GIVE THEM SOME CREDIT FOR THAT.

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