Jess Phillips MP, Toxic Feminist of the Month, to appear on The Andrew Marr Show tomorrow (09:00 – 10:00)

Last Sunday the BBC gave Catherine Mayer, the president of the Women’s Equality Party, a 10-minute-long platform in the guise of ‘reviewing the papers’ on The Andrew Marr Show (09:00 – 10:00). The video is on our YouTube channel here.

My thanks to John for alerting me to the fact that, consistent with the BBC’s unvarying bias on gender issues, Jess Phillips MP will be ‘reviewing the papers’ tomorrow (BBC1, 09:00 – 10:00). Expect Marr to let her speak at length about Twitter threats of rape and violence, and then ask her a mild question about Philip Davies’s request for a debate about men’s rights – presumably having agreed the question with her well in advance – which will enable her to STILL maintain her anti-debate position.

I understand she’s claimed she’d have been in favour of agreeing to Philip Davies’s request for a debate on men’s issues, if he’d raised the issue of suicide. This is simply not credible. She started laughing and mocking Davies before he started to explain the specific issues which might be raised in such a debate.

Until and unless people are convicted of making Twitter threats against feminists, I’ll assume the tweets are the creations of radical feminists, in a desperate bid to demonize men, feed the rape culture myth, and draw public attention away from men’s issues. And the majority of such tweets sent by men, will have come from individuals with mental health issues. The idea that they say anything about the threat of male violence towards prominent feminists is simply risible.

5 thoughts on “Jess Phillips MP, Toxic Feminist of the Month, to appear on The Andrew Marr Show tomorrow (09:00 – 10:00)

  1. The only Tweets quoted in the article I read expressed the hope that she might be raped, and were not threats to rape her. I think her claim to have received rape threats is as credible as her claim to have two degrees. The woman seems to be a compulsive liar as well as a vile misandrous bitch.

  2. Phillips comments would be “unacceptable” if uttered in reverse by men. Dichotomy within the law applies – men are considered inferior (such ideology smacks of Nazism) and it is time to mobilise – certainly in cyberspace.

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