J4MB complains about a Women’s Aid poster in Trinity College, Dublin

Last month we posted a piece about highly offensive posters produced by Women’s Aid, and placed in Ladies’ toilets at Trinity College, Dublin. A photograph of the poster was taken by a supporter’s wife in July, and it’s here.

We’ve just lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland, in connection with the matter. I would encourage you to make your own complaint, and you can do so here.

My complaint was as follows, obviously you should make a complaint in your own words:

Women’s Aid is an organization which is notorious for its anti-male narratives, claiming violence (and the threat of violence) are used by men (as a class) to oppress women (as a class). This is known to be untrue:

Link 1

Researchers in the field of domestic violence (DV) have known for decades that DV is an inter-generational problem, not a gendered problem. Women are at least as physically aggressive towards opposite-sex intimate partners are men, and where the aggression is one-way, the perpetrator is more likely to be a woman than a man. There are links to many other reports and research studies here, scroll down to ‘Domestic violence’:

Link 2

Our public challenge of Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid is below. She has yet to admit her spokeswoman lied and made misleading statements:

Link 3

The purpose of the Women’s Aid posters is clearly to make women fear men unduly, and in turn to hate men as a class. To force women to confront this hateful anti-male propaganda whilst going to the toilet is an assault on them. There were, needless to say, no posters in the Gents’ toilets warning men about women.

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