Women’s Equality party policy document – the men’s Hall of Shame

Later today I’ll be publishing a public challenge of Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality party, in relation to the party’s recently-published policy document. In the final two pages there’s a section, ‘WE are so grateful’, listing maybe 800 – 1,000 people. They include some well-known feminists, including Kathy Lette and Caitlin Moran, as well as Sandy Toxic’s wife, Debbie. Isn’t that nice?

The gender of some are unclear, but at least 18 are clearly men. They should hang their heads in shame, for being included in the list:

Andy Woodfield
Neil Roberts
Simon Browne – the barrister?
Edward Coller
Richard Clifford
Jim Turner
David Mellor – the former politician?
Andrew Mallick
Andrew Morton – the biographer of Diana, Princess of Wales, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Monica Lewinsky…?
Peter Goodridge
David Hickey
Matthew Sweet – the journalist, writer, and BBC broadcaster?
Andy Scott
Nick Dickson
Ben Hammersley – the author, journalist, and BBC broadcaster?
Paul Hodgson
Gregor Truter
Michael Howlett

They’re all contenders for Toady awards. David Cameron has been the ‘Toady of the Year’ four years in succession, his 2015 award certificate is here.

9 thoughts on “Women’s Equality party policy document – the men’s Hall of Shame

  1. I’ve just enjoyed a very extraordinary half hour savouring this Policy Document from the Wimmin’s Equality Party.
    I must say, its a remarkable work of invention rivaling Mearns’s “yesterday upon the stair” for imagination, or the broadcasts of William Joyce (for example) for accuracy and veracity.
    Even the many works of Eric Blair perhaps dont quite match the creative flights of fantasy shewn here for their distopic extrapolation.
    The story teller(s) somehow manage to conflate reality and far fetched creation entirely in a witches brew of tall tales lies and misdrection in what I do not hesitate to describe as a Magical Mystery Tour thats just waiting to take you away, waiting to take you away – (satisfaction guaranteed).
    I recommend that the reader waste no time in obtaining their own copy, being confident that their reading experience will just as remarkable as mine.
    I attach all the importance to this light as air confection that it deserves, which is certainly a place on anyone’s fiction shelf.
    No praise is too high for for this ‘piece of work’ and that is what I shall give it.

  2. It does have that flavour, doesn’t it? These aren’t just misguided turkeys voting for Christmas, these are (supposedly) sentient human beings aligning themselves with their own emasculation and eventual deletion from the species. I do have to wonder at the state of their mental health and personal circumstances.

  3. It always amazes me when I hear of men aligning themselves with an obviously man-hating group. Somehow when I think of how these people look at them selves self-loathing comes to mind, along with images of self-flagellation. They must be into pain and suffering.

  4. I can only presume they all agreed to be listed and identified as Male Feminists?
    If so, I’d wager that at least half of them would describe Feminism as some sort of Equality initiative.
    So lamentable, nonetheless.

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