J4MB publicly challenges Sophie Walker, leader, Women’s Equality Party

The BBC continues to give the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) plenty of uncritical coverage on its television and radio channels. If only there was a British political party campaigning for the human rights of men and boys, eh?

Today I’ve watched very little TV, but still caught Catherine Mayer, co-founder and now president of the party, on The Andrew Marr Show. Cynically – and true to form – the BBC contrived to make her one of two people reviewing today’s papers, not a part of the programme in which she’d be challenged, even though she used it as an opportunity to voice her feminist propaganda. We’ll post her 10-minute-long appearance on our YouTube channel in the next day or two.

This afternoon I caught a (female) presenter on BBC News 24 speaking to Sophie Walker, party leader, on the subject of the gender pay gap. Predictably, Walker’s assertions went completely unchallenged.

Last week the party launched its first policy document, a 36-page-long whine list. In a moment I’ll be emailing Sophie Walker my public challenge of her.

It’s been yet another weekend occupied with J4MB work. We really should take the occasional day off. If you’d like to support our work by becoming a party member – from only £5 per month, 16 pence per day – or making a one-off donation, you can do so here.

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12 thoughts on “J4MB publicly challenges Sophie Walker, leader, Women’s Equality Party

  1. Agreed. And their focus is on primary school teachers – note the demand for more female heads of primary schools – although women make up about two-thirds of secondary school teachers.

  2. Great work Mike. I applaud your magnanimous effort!

    As you will appreciate your comments about Page 14 are superb. So it seems they will be joining our ranks in supporting insuperable parity of full engagement rights of both parents who have parental responibility. Yesssssss. Well done for identifying this.

    The rub is to foot slog every house and tell our female friends that their party with them will write to their MPs and demand a new law to stop the current debacle which in 90% of our population when families dissociatiate children become fatherless!

    Will ad these facts to Amazing Grace (2015) database.

  3. It is indeed men and only men that anyone interested in general and full equality between the sexes must hope to influence, but there’s progress being made. I’ve woken up, you’ve woken up, Bill gruff, Daveyone1 and MrNotMs have woken up and we’re indicative of an army of others also now awake to the inequalities. The ones we need to reach are the men deep in a rut with no view of the world, the ones who stand like beaten donkeys while feminism loads bricks onto their backs.

  4. Great response Mike, I found the education section to be particularly poor:

    It’s starts really well by acknowledging that boys are falling behind but most of its solutions to this gender education gap actually involve helping girls and women or just doing pointless activities such as bossing around toy retailers! The only commitment thy have for helping boys is a token scheme where their fathers read with them (though no doubt many won’t even have contact with said fathers anyhow).

    There’s also the most severe hypocrisy hidden in this section which I quote: “WE will explore the feasibility of implementing gender quotas for primary level teacher training”

    So they’ll have all sorts of mandatory quotes for the employment of women on the boards private companies )and those who dont’ do as they’re told get no government business). On top of that meddling they’ll also have countless 100% anti-democratic quotas in all sorts of different areas of politics too. however, when it comes to actual clear sexism in school which impacts young boys already with no male figures in their life they say they’ll “explore the feasibility” of quotas. No commitment to quotas for actual jobs, nor even an any quotes for training, just an examination of its possibility!

    It goes without saying that all quotas are sexist, harmful and just plain immoral, but they can’t even commit to token quotas for men in the area where they’re so desperately needed. It’s extreme sexist and total hypocrisy.

  5. To add: Just listened and watched a GWW video. She proclaimed that feminists are only interested in two types of men. This that hurt them and those that help them. The rest are of no consequence to them. Isnt that so true?

  6. women have shown that once in politics,they genuinely do not care about men’s issues,men’s problems or men’s interests. They have shown that all they care about is women’s interests.
    As such,they should not be allowed to govern at all,because that approach is undemocratic.
    But that is the inevitable outcome from a culture of pedestaling women ,even at a time of full emancipation. If men preference women in every walk of life,women will also preference women.
    Once again,it is our men that need to change their entire approch towards women in the 21st century,I’m afraid. The old Victorian norms no longer hold water and if men keep sticking to them,they will get hurt more and more. Women have long abandoned them.

  7. I saw Ms Mayer on Andrew Marr and it is my recollection that even she had to (mumblingly) accept that, up to age 40 there’s no/little pay gap and, after this age, childcare/family get in the way. She almost argued against herself although your link may prove me wrong. I think she also said that WEP policies are open to mainstream parties to steal/adopt if they want to and I’ll bet they fall over themselves to prove their ‘Women’s Equality’ credentials.

  8. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the feminists and those males serving them that justice for men and boys cannot but bring true equality for women,or perhaps it has and that’s why they don’t like the idea.

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