7 thoughts on “Yes, Mrs Mainwaring: New trailer reveals Dad’s Army… with added Mums

  1. I couldn’t see it in the online Telegraph piece – it keeps freezing – but in today’s print edition of the paper there are a couple of paragraphs making the same point about the ATS.

  2. Well it joins “Suffragettes” in the re-writing of history. My Mum was in the ATS. She didn’t know one end of a rifle from the other, and neither did any of the other women in the ATS. It just wasn’t what they did.

  3. Or The Dambusters, in which a bouncing boob, dropped from a fluffy pink Lancaster crewed by crop haired, boiler suited ‘kickass’ feminazis, destroys a cis het binary dam, releasing millions of tons of pent up feminist fury to sweep away the patriarchal edifice.

    Codeword for a successful run: Nagger!

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