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  1. I propose Sandi Toksvig. Of course, this would cost a little more in terms of marble, since her plinth would need to be taller than is usual to avoid her being lost in the adoring crowds, but that would be offset by her diminutive stature calling for less bronze in the casting.

  2. There’s an article showing the previous long-list of possible candidates for a statue. This includes all three Pankhursts but also non-violent, non-misandrist suffragists such as Lydia Becker and Esther Roper who in contrast to the Pankhursts didn’t rub their hands in glee at the prospect of sending millions of men to their deaths and thus opposed the war rather than promoting slaughter by handing out white feathers.

    The Women’s Social and Political Union which was the Suffragette organisation founded and run by the Pankhursts. It was deeply misandrist, and from 1912 was essentially a terrorist organisation. From Wikipedia:

    “A new suffrage bill was introduced in 1910, but growing impatient, the WSPU launched a heightened campaign of protest in 1912 on the basis of targeting property and avoiding violence against any person. Initially this involved smashing shop windows, but ultimately escalated to burning stately homes and bombing public buildings including Westminster Abbey. It also famously led to the death of Emily Davison as she was trampled by the King’s horse, Anmer, (over which she was attempting to drape a suffragette banner) at the Epsom Derby in 1913.

    Included in the many militant acts performed were the night-time arson of unoccupied houses (including that of Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George) and churches. It smashed windows of upscale shops and government offices. It cut telephone lines, spit at police and politicians, cut or burned pro-suffrage slogans into stadium turf, sending letter bombs, destroying greenhouses at Kew gardens, chaining themselves to railings and blowing up houses. A doctor was attacked with a rhino whip and in one case suffragettes rushed the House of Commons. On 18 July 1912, Mary Leigh threw a hatchet at Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith”

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