2 thoughts on “William Collins: Jenni Murray discovers female paedophiles

  1. Thanks for this Mike..will definitely keep in mind on the Amazing Grace (2015) hub for reference to all other parents and responsible folks who want to learn more. Please advertise this hub. 4 million kids, 13.5 million folk in families, across the UK are being scourged by this debacle. We are an army enraged by the (90%) “Brigade of Aggressive Feminists”, those repugnant cowards who enslave our children’s minds with dysfunctional psychological abuse which civilised nations have criminalised. One day insuperable parity of the rights of parents to engage comprehensively in parental responsibility, will become law. Our children will be protected.. William Wilberforces spirit will never die!

    Karen and Nick Woodall should be praised for their loving work they are promoting.

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