Ian comments on the case of the whiny feminist schoolgirl who ‘forced’ a major exam board to change its A Level syllabus

Our last post yesterday concerned a major exam board agreeing to include female composers in it’s A level syllabus, in a shameful, pathetic, and ultimately futile attempt to placate a whiny 17-year-old feminist schoolgirl. She (and others like her) will be invigorated by the concession, not placated. They won’t be happy until at least 50% of the composers in the syllabus are women, however little merit some or most of the women have, compared with the best male alternatives.

Ian has left a comment in response, which I thought merited a blog post in itself:

I see no problem with the inclusion on the syllabus of Mrs Mills and her fabulous suite of All Time Party Hits. That said though, I can’t for the life of me think of any other left-handed, red-haired, freckled lady composers working in holistic native Celtic peace-lullabies written for the Peruvian vegan free-bleeding non-aggressive nose-flute, which I suspect is more along the lines of what is actually wanted here.

Perhaps it would be easier to simply ‘discover’ ‘evidence’ ‘proving’ that Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven et al were in fact women, and to then have the textbooks books ‘corrected’?

You can order a copy of The Very Best of Mrs Mills here. Ironically, Mrs Mills was clearly not a feminist. On the CD cover she’s clearly smiling.

3 thoughts on “Ian comments on the case of the whiny feminist schoolgirl who ‘forced’ a major exam board to change its A Level syllabus

  1. Including females just for parity in numbers sake is utter garbage, and is indicative of the now discredited ‘positive discrimination’ ethos. It completely and utterly removes any element of meritocracy and instead embroils any given subject matter in unpleasant aggressive gender wars. Its obvious given the complainants personal attitudes and perspective that merit will always come second to inclusion for inclusions sake, cheapening the contribution of females in any given field. Ironically, it will patronise females far more by including them just for show than for merit.

  2. Yes, “at least 50%” is right.
    Like a rachet this can only move in one direction which is never backwards, and even this will not satisfy.
    The aim is not equality which perhaps might be the biggest and most pernicious lie of all time. The aim is to go as far as possible – equality is just a stop along the way.
    When it has eventually served it’s purpose and is of no further use it will be abandoned and replaced by the next misleading term.
    I seriously invite suggestions as to when, and what it might be.

  3. On a more serious note. It is concerning to see that the revisionist ‘Herstory’ idea, a doctrine firmly at the heart of feminism, has infected this child, clearly through her school. I suspect the fool who played along with it from Edexel just doesn’t have the remotest clue that it is all part of the pernicious and poisonous ideology of feminism that is polluting everything with its false idea of equality and washing even our children’s minds. Much of history is truly, rightfully and honourably his-story, especially musical history. I thumb my nose at those who say otherwise.

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