UK national sperm bank has just nine donors

Our thanks to Michael for pointing us to the latest feminist-inspired taxpayer-funded fiasco, this time wasting a trifling £77,000 on a sperm bank for lesbians and single women. From the BBC article:

The change in the rules in 2005 means children conceived using donor eggs or sperm will be able to trace their biological parent in the same way as children who are adopted.

Donors do not have the right to trace their offspring.

Why has there been such a poor response rate? Maybe there’s a clue here:

Concern about loss of anonymity has put many men off coming forward at a time when demand is rising, especially from same sex couples and single women.

Hmm, which same sex couples might be seeking sperm for taxpayer-funded conception, lesbians or gay men? In the immortal words of Toyah Wilcox:

It’s a mystery,

Oh, it’s a mystery.

In these economically straitened times, it would make sense to scrap the whackadoodle scheme, and instead have GPs hand out Amazon vouchers (worth £6.52) to lesbians wishing to get pregnant, so they could order one of these and a bottle of this.

It’s time to think both inside and outside the box…

3 thoughts on “UK national sperm bank has just nine donors

  1. Quote, “It is also the first UK clinic to give people from ethnic minorities the chance to choose from a range of culturally matched donors.” Is this legal? Could this be challenged?

    The phrase “culturally matched donors” is amusing. No one believes that culture is passed through your DNA – and especially feminists who believe everything is a social construct. They were, of course, just avoiding saying what they really mean: which is “racially matched donors” – which sounds racist – because it is.

  2. Could perhaps not several hundred donors be found among the numbers sitting in Westminster? The place is currently awash with gentlemen who might feel smugly competent in one of the Sperm Bank’s donation rooms, and I’m fairly certain that most of the ladies in Westminster could drag their husbands along on a leash and order them to perform into a paper cup too.

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