Dan Roberts: Every mass shooting shares one thing in common and it’s NOT weapons

Our thanks to Mark for pointing us to a thought-provoking piece. It’s worth scrolling through some of the comments to get a flavour of some counter-arguments. But regardless of the rigour of the claimed link between shootings and SSRI drugs, the widespread medication of boys and young men with psychotropic drugs remains a scandal in the US, UK, and probably elsewhere.

One in four boys in the UK has been diagnosed as having Special Educational Needs – here. Could there be a more stark indicator of the failure of the highly feminized state education system towards boys?

6 thoughts on “Dan Roberts: Every mass shooting shares one thing in common and it’s NOT weapons

  1. I suffer from major depression and take an SSRI antidepressant. They do work and can be the difference between a reasonable life and one of abject misery and desperate suffering the like of which most people are unaware. However no two people are the same and depression has many intensities, triggers and manifestations. Presumably anyone taking these medications is already not fully well and it is important that someone is able to keep an eye on them initially. Naturally the more dysfunctional the person is before taking the medication the more important this is not only to protect others from the actions of the sufferer but to protect the sufferer from self harm and disastrous decisions. My opinion with medication is that it should be given for the benefit of the medicated only. If your children are receiving medication solely because you are finding them difficult then the wrong person is being medicated. Same goes for teachers.

  2. Thanks. It bothers me to see men slugging it out for an agenda that benefits mostly or even completely our women. Like you said,it is time for men to unite and create the kind of world that benefits men as well as women in equal measure,if not men more than women. Because today’s world has turned out to be one that almost completely benefits women/girls and opresses men and boys. We,men,should not tolerate this any further,in any form,no matter what the old traditions would make us believe. The great old traditions have been subverted by our own women to benefit just them.And now is our turn to adjust them to a form that satisfies our needs as well. That is our right,that is our need,that is our neccessity !

  3. I agree with your last sentence. If there is one thing men can thank feminism for it is the growing awareness that men have interests in common as a sex that are greater than the particular self-interest of the men and women who would sacrifice us for their ends.

  4. it is exactly the same at workplaces of most sorts and in top sports as well. Since women/girls can not out perform or even match the performance of boys and men in most categories in the real world,tilting the playing field in women’s/girls’ favour is the only way. The bigger question is why men and boys should tolerate this. No cultural norm or tradition actually justifies this or should justify it. If it does,then there is something wrong with it and it needs to be corrected,if men are to attain deserved and neccessary standing in today’s society. One has to be careful that old fashioned nationalism does not get in the way of recognizing,admitting and correcting what is clearly wrong in today’s society in just about all western countries such as all of the the EU,USA,AUSTRALIA,NEW ZEALAND,CANADA, S. AFRICA AND EVEN RUSSIA.

  5. I haven’t read the piece yet, although I will, but it struck me that girls don’t seem to be able to ‘outperform’ boys unless the education system is altered to employ methods that favour them, the teachers are biased in their favour and the brighter and more energetic boys are tranquillised and stupefied. Only a feminist could think of that as ‘outperforming’.

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