Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality party, is inviting people to nine ‘fun-packed events’ over the coming six days

Sophie Walker is the leader of the Women’s Equality party. A few weeks ago we published a piece with details of her party’s ridiculous goals.

Ms Walker is inviting people to nine ‘fun-packed events’ (her words, not mine) across England, Scotland, and Wales, over the coming six days. Quite what will make the events ‘fun-packed’ isn’t revealed, and what does it say about the women who might attend, that they have to be promised the prospect of ‘fun’ to encourage them to attend? What are they, children? In a sense, of course, they are – the sense that, in common with the women running the party, they’re Entitlement Princesses who cannot see that women and girls in the United Kingdom today are members of a deeply privileged class, on many counts.

Where tickets are available online, they’re free. Each fun-packed event (well, nearly every one) has a different theme:

BATH – Equal Education
BIRMINGHAM – Equal Parenting and Caregiving
BRIGHTON – Equal Pay
CARDIFF – Ending Violence Against Women & Girls
EDINBURGH – Equal Representation in Politics
GLASGOW – Equal Pay
LONDON / HACKNEY & ISLINGTON – Equal Representation in Politics
NEWCASTLE – Equal Representation in Business
NOTTINGHAM – Equality in the Media

How have these fun-packed events come to my attention? A lady who’s on the party’s circulation list has just forwarded me an email she received from Ms Walker earlier today. The key content of Ms Walker’s email is here. If you have an interest in going along to any of the events, perhaps with a view to meeting the ladies and presenting them literature containing something they may be unfamiliar with – facts, that kind of thing – please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality party, is inviting people to nine ‘fun-packed events’ over the coming six days

  1. Nottingham – Equality in the Media.

    You could have done with some of that during the general election campaign.

  2. ‘Equal Education’? Yeah I agree with that. We need to end discrimination against boys in education. ‘Equal parenting and caregiving’? When it comes to parental Rights, yeah I agree with that. Fathers should have parental equal Rights to mothers. However, once equal parental Rights are established, the arrangements that parents privately come to concerning money-earning duties and childcare duties is up to them, and no business of the State. ‘Equal Pay’? What, for everyone? Whatever their job? Whatever the hours worked? Stupid idea. ‘Ending Violence against women and girls’? So, not equality then? When males, from infancy to old age, are the prime victims of violence, surely they should be the prime focus. ‘Equal representation in politics’? Yes, I’d love men’s issues to be taken as seriously as women’s issues by our politicians. ‘Equal representation in business’? Yeah women should start carrying their fair share of the burden of running businesses and providing for their menfolk. What are the Equality Party going to do, force them? ‘Equality in the Media’? Well we would all love that wouldn’t we? To see men fairly represented, and to see men’s issues taken as seriously as women’s, and an end to the appalling feminist bias of the MSM.
    Something tells me though, that the script for these ‘events’ is already written, and that ‘equality’ will have nothing to do with it.

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