Sophie Walker – the leader of the Women’s Equality Party

Our thanks to Mike for pointing us to this, an article by a journalist at the Telegraph, written by a young woman (what are the chances?). I particularly enjoyed her reference to FTSO100 board directors. The article is so fawning towards, and uncritical of, the WEP, that it could have been written by the gormless ladies at the Fawcett Society.

The six goals of the WEP are stated in the article and repeated below, with our brief commentary:

1. Equal representation in politics and business – regardless of women’s relative willingness (compared with men) to enter those fields, their work ethic, experience and expertise? Of course. Special treatment rather than equality, then.

2. Equal representation in education – the education system has favoured girls since 1987/8, and the majority of teachers and university students have been women for years. What form of equal representation are these fruitcakes seeking?

3. Equal pay – can these women really be so stupid as to not understand what drives the f/t gender pay gap, which only exists for workers over 40, and has nothing to do with employers paying men more than women for the same work? Yes, they can!

4. Equal treatment of women in the media – what does this mean?

5. Equal parenting rights – so WEP will be campaigning for women’s parenting rights to be reduced in line with men’s? Excellent. About damned time we had some gender equality in this area.

6. An end to violence against women – no need for an end to violence by women, against men and women, then? The highest levels of intimate partner violence are found in lesbian couples, and in most cases where interpersonal violence in a heterosexual relationship is one-directional, the perpetrators are women.

All six goals are either ridiculous or baffling. We can be sure it won’t be long before Ms Walker wins one of our awards, probably all three in time:

– Lying Feminist of the Month
– Whiny Feminist of the Month
– Gormless Feminist of the Month

How can we be so sure of this? Sandy Toksvig, WEP spokeswoman, won two Lying Feminist of the Month awards in the space of just three months – here and here.

The idea of a Women’s Equality Party is so absurd, its mere existence will direct support to J4MB. Thanks, ladies.

7 thoughts on “Sophie Walker – the leader of the Women’s Equality Party

  1. With regard to 3 it is indeed actually disturbing the sheer number of such cases, Rotherham, Rochdale, Bristol, Oxford and so on and now Aylesbury As usual the fact that boys are abused by these rings too is rarely mentioned and the now pretty obvious “cultural” links between the cases is skirted around. At least on face value campaigning on these issues would seem pretty much core feminism. Yet instead campaigning and government funds are channelled into far away countries (east Africa and south Asia) to combat FGM, Forced Marriage and Trafficking. The reason it seems is that such campaigns while worthy don’t force feminists to confront real challenges . To whit. how political correctness protected these rings for decades in some cases. That the truth was hidden not by “patriarchy” but by political correctness. And on a pragmatic level the WEPs must also know that unlike campaigning on issues long accepted in our society and robust challenge to literally patriarchal cultures from south asia would elicit a vigorous and robust fight.

  2. This really is puzzling. It goes to show that these feminists actually have nothing to complain about and all the areas of measurable inequality they’re complaining about show men/boys to be the victims.

    i dare say J4M&B could come up with a better set of goals which would be better in helping women. I also managed to come up with 6 ideas:

    1. An end to infantalisation of women caused by measures such as women only quotas and preferential treatment by the justice system. Plenty of women are capable of succeeding on merit and it’s offensive and harmful to talented women to suggest special treatment is needed.

    2. An end to preferential treatment of female specific cancers. This actually harms quite a few women too should their cancer be one of the unfashionable non gender specific ones. Spending the money fairly would save lives. I think I’m right in saying Pancreatic cancer is grossly underfunded for example.

    3. Demanding prosecutions of all offenders, police and government officials in Rotherham, the only genuine case of rape culture in this country with female victims. The feminist silence with regards to this case has been deafening thus far which really hasn’t helped matters at all.

    4. Educate people that it’s not ok to hit others, regardless of gender. This would help women significantly as many cases of domestic violence are initiated by women (who have grown used to the idea that men are not allowed to defend themselves from attacks by women.

    5. Stop feminists lying about rape conviction rates and perpetuating gender. myths in other areas. it was shown in the Stern report that such behaviour stops female rape victims coming forward becasue they’re wrongly doubtful about the prospects of successfully securing a conviction. The lies being told in this area are therefore causing real harm to women and creating a sick self–fulfilling prophecy.

    6. Stop treating domestic violence as a gender issue and start telling the truth about the matter. The current outdated approach doest’ just harm men but also lesbian women, which is particularly serious given such relationships tend to be the most violent.

  3. The fact that these women have stated in regard to women’s representation in the field of education is strange. The women’s representation in the field of education has been one if not the most successful of feminist goals. However it would seem that even with this incredible success in field of education they have not put that gift of the education they have had to good use if they cannot use that education to recognize the success they have had in the field.

  4. Business as usual for the female-ists then. ( I think we should at least consider calling them this in order to 1. avoid repeating a term invented and used by them and thus strenghening it, and 2.
    there is nothing feminine about them )
    We should also recognise that they are not literally stupid and thus almost certainly do not believe their own propaganda.
    It is primarily aimed at very young women who have not yet had a chance to work out what’s what, and the uninformed and stupid who are easily swayed.
    So the technique is to indentify arguments that resonate – ie, work – and repeat them long and loud to influence the hard of understanding.
    This is how female-ists abuse and oppress other women.
    But these people have a vote too, and it counts for just as much as yours or mine.

  5. and no 3 means no pay for women while they sit or stand, arms folded across their chests, chatting.

  6. No. 4 means women to be depicted as bumbling incompetent idiots at least as often as men, which is to underplay the actual frequency, although it is at least a start. I’m starting to like this Toxic Titch Equality Party.

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