British politics of sexual apartheid

An insightful new video (10:33) from Lucian Valsan, the Romanian host of the AVfM radio show, ‘Voice of Europe’. He covers a good deal of ground including Comrades Corbyn and Cooper, Claire Perry (Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Transport), women-only carriages (some startling statistics), internet firewalls, feminist indoctrination of schoolboys, and air conditioning.

3 thoughts on “British politics of sexual apartheid

  1. the global cancer that is Internationalism is creating the same problems world wide, and provoking the same responses in men who will not subscribe, regardless of ethnicity. Do we have Marxism/feminism to thank for showing us that our common interests transcend those barriers that have formerly been used to persuade us to kill each other for the benefit of others? If so, then we can say that some good may come of it after all.

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