Pay gap? Women earn MORE than men till their 40s: 20-something women have been paid more than men in the same age group over the last decade

The piece we link to most in relation to the gender pay gap is one by William Collins – here – which showed that there is no gender pay gap between the ages of 18 and 40, despite two-thirds of public sector employees being women (72% funded by male income tax payers), and two-thirds of private sector employees being men (not reliant on a penny of income tax paid by women, nor men, for that matter).

Our thanks to Mike for this. For some reason known only to itself, the Daily Mail printed a comment from Sam Smethers, the Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society for the past four months. From her profile, on the Fawcett Society website:

Sam is no stranger to equalities work and issues having worked for both the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

What are the chances that Ms Smethers was formerly employed as a taxpayer-funded whine merchant? Very high. Her comments, reported in the Daily Mail article, relate to the gender gap appearing at the age of 40:

Feminist campaigners said companies should close the pay gap at older ages by offering senior jobs to part-time or job-share managers.

Sam Smethers, of the Fawcett Society, said: ‘Sadly the opposite is true. Once you get to a certain level it is a full-time role, which excludes many women from roles they would be perfectly capable of doing.’

Many women over 40 are incapable of working full-time, Ms Smethers informs us, without explaining why. The solution to the ‘problem’ is, to her whackaddodle feminist mind, two or more women job sharing in order to do the senior jobs hitherto done for many years by individual men. Yes, that makes complete sense.

Let’s sense check her assertion. During a key meeting, what if someone needs to know what decisions were made at a meeting that ‘part-time woman #1’ attended, but it’s the turn of ‘part-time woman #2’ to work that day? Perhaps part-time woman #2 might call part-time woman #1, to find out? Of course. But what if part-time woman #1 is pursuing her lady entitlement to work/life balance, and has switched off her smartphone as a result? Might there be the tiniest reduction in efficiency and effectiveness when two or more women do a job which one man used to manage? Crazy talk, I know…

Fortunately the article is redeemed by a woman talking common sense:

Patricia Morgan, an author and researcher on the family, said: ‘If the pay gap in the 20s and 30s was the other way around there would be bucketloads of experts jumping up and down demanding that we act to address this dreadful inequality. No-one seems to worry about being unfair to men.

‘This is about women and their ability to choose to have children, and to look after them themselves. There is a smack of totalitarianism about the attitude which says women cannot choose to bring up their own children rather than pursue careers.’

3 thoughts on “Pay gap? Women earn MORE than men till their 40s: 20-something women have been paid more than men in the same age group over the last decade

  1. The myth of the “pay gap” is more deeply ingrained than lavender on a grandmother. The only thing that surprises me is that feminists have yet to release – at least to my knowledge – details of just how many fewer women than men win the Football Pools or the National Lottery, and how, when women do manage to win, their payout is so much less than the average man’s payout. Give a feminist a £10 winning scratch-card and she’ll claim to have only received £7.70 from some misogynist newsagent.

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