Amanda Redman (58) – Whiny Actress of the Month

It’s time for us to introduce a new award, ‘Whiny Actress of the Month’, in addition to our Whiny Feminist of the Month awards, such as the one we presented to one of the foremost whine merchants in the UK, Caroline Criado-Perez.

Can there have been a British actress more continuously in employment over the past 30 years, than Amanda Redman? I very much doubt it. And yet we have this whinefest in the weekly TV guide in today’s Daily Mail. Among her idiotic self-serving comments:

What they (‘people in TV’) forget is the demographic of people watching TV is women of our age who’d like to see themselves represented on screen…

I’m actually fine with the ageing process; it’s the way other people regard those of a certain age – especially actresses – that bothers me…

Acting is a love, a passion, it’s not a job, and unless that passion dies, it’s something you’re going to want to do all the time. To be denied that opportunity, simply because you’re female and of a certain age, is unfair – and needs to change.

The woman’s an older version of Special Snowflake, aka Laura Bates, whose relentless witterings can be boiled down to, ‘Life’s not fair – Wah! Wah!! Wah!!!’ Pathetic.

7 thoughts on “Amanda Redman (58) – Whiny Actress of the Month

  1. She should count herself lucky. She hit the wall a very long time ago but has had regular (and very lucrative) work in acting, well into her fifties.
    How many other better looking and more talented actors didn’t get the breaks that she did, because they weren’t in the right place at the right time or didn’t know the right people?
    Yet here she is bemoaning her lot.
    Typical of so many women of meagre talent and ability who sail through life mainly on their looks and then come down to Earth with a bump when age catches up with them.
    I don’t mind her moaning though. It gave me a good chuckle.

  2. To be denied that opportunity, simply because you’re [male] and of a certain age, is unfair – and needs to change.

    As a 59 year old male who has been unsuccessful in finding paid work for more than five years, and knows he has been discriminated against on grounds of both age and sex, I wholeheartedly agree. Believe me, Amanda, if I could earn a small fortune simply by wearing make-up, a short skirt and flashing my teeth and tits I would, and I wouldn’t complain that I’m not earning as much as I would like.


    she seems have done very well in her career.
    I used to like her, but this

    “To be denied that opportunity, simply because you’re female and of a certain age, is unfair – and needs to change”

    a tv career is very fickle and many don’t make it to the big time like any other actor. In todays tv and film the quality is getting worse as we turn to gonzo tv. so rather than admit that the “demographic” are sometimes fickle, bored and are not interested in actors who have saturated the medium.

    perhaps Amanda Redman should sit down and watch “toast of london” about an actor working in the fickle acting game. Possibly all facets and foibles are shown as representives of the demographic Redman points to.. and they aren’t great.

    I think redman should run another series of old dogs new tricks about her police unit hunting down misogony in the Uk population… then wonder why nobody wants to watch “fiction/fantasy”

  4. The article makes it clear she’s had plenty of work for 30 years anyway, and she’s still working, but she whines anyway. The world owes her perpetual employment, it seems. There must be plenty of work for women of the age she happens to be at the time, anything else isn’t ‘fair’.

  5. PS: I should make it clear that I’m aware that the ‘demographic’ is most of the population, of both sexes and all ages. This is yet more typically self-centred, self-indulgent nonsense from a spoiled woman with too little real work to occupy her.

  6. Amanda Redman whined ‘the demographic of people watching TV is women of our age‘ which, if true, may explain why almost all broadcast output is brain rotting trash, and why I don’t have a television set.

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