Ian McNicholl: ‘We need to help individual victims of domestic abuse, whatever their gender.’

Polly Neate (CEO, Women’s Aid) recently wrote one of her trademark ideologically-driven pieces on domestic violence for the Telegraph. A far better article was written in response, by Ian McNicholl, a survivor of domestic violence, and an ambassador for the Mankind Initiativehere. A link to Neate’s article is early in the piece.

In June 2014 we challenged Neate to retract seven lies and misleading statements made by Franki Hackett, a Women’s Aid spokeswoman, in the course of an online Telegraph debate with Glen Poole. Our blog piece on the matter, with a link to the video footage, is here.

It hardly needs saying that Neate treated the challenge with contempt, and refused to retract the lies and misleading statements. While the mainstream media fail to challenge lying feminists – as they have failed to do for decades – feminists will continue to lie shamelessly.

Ms Hackett’s ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award certificate is here.

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