Our piece on the gender pay gap, and pay transparency, is ‘live’ again on ‘The Conservative Woman’ website

Last Wednesday The Conservative Woman republished my piece on David Cameron’s introduction of gender pay audits. The audits, which feminists have been agitating for over many years, are designed to quantify the ‘gender pay gap’, with a view to eliminating it in time, regardless of the fact that the gap – where it exists, on average, for those over 40 – is not attributable to employers discriminating against women, but to gender-typical life choices made by men and women.

There is no problem to be solved by gender pay audits, or any other feminist-inspired initiatives.

The piece became unavailable during a data transfer between servers, but it was made available again on Saturday morning – here. Unfortunately the lengthy exchange of comments has been permanently lost, but there are 12 new comments, including some of my own, and I invite you to add your own comments. Thank you.

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