Fawcett Society: The victims of female genital mutilation are exclusively women and girls

Belinda Phipps is the ‘chair’ of The Fawcett Society. As befits someone who self-identifies as an item of furniture, she was among the co-signatories of a letter published today in The Guardian, in response to the letter from Ally Fogg and 30 co-signatories about the recent CPS report on ‘violence against women and girls’ – a term which was officially defined as including violence against men and boys.

The start of the second paragraph in the ladies’ letter:

It is established fact that these crimes are massively disproportionately committed against women and girls (female genital mutilation exclusively so)…

… and in breaking news, the victims of male genital mutilation are exclusively men and boys.

This is surely an appropriate time to point out that the inaugural winners of our ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ awards were the women who work at The Fawcett Society. Their award certificate is here.

5 thoughts on “Fawcett Society: The victims of female genital mutilation are exclusively women and girls

  1. It’s darkly hilarious that the assertion that “female genital mutilation” exclusively impacts women and girls… isn’t even true. It refers to the mutilation of the female sex organ, and not genital mutilation of a female.
    This being both by the PC Brigade’s standards of “Gender is a social construct guys!” and the neuroscientific fact that gender is mental, sex is physical, and while they’re supposed to be identical, sometimes they’re not.

  2. ah bless.
    its the beloved fawcett society fighting for the injustice against women by…….
    manufacturing a “feminist look like..” t – shirt obtained by……..
    exploiting women in the factory making them.

    They are so narrow in their world view and very sensitive that they had to respond to Ally Foggs letter despite that feminists get plenty of their own letters published( look at todays letter from SNP MP/W.A.R. about the child benefit cut affecting women who were raped and claiming they would be subjected to duress in order to justify for a third child). They really do like to shut down debate when it not entirely about them.

    is it time for their funding review and tin can rattling session again ?

  3. Sooner or later Ally Fogg and those of his ilk are going to wake up to the raw hatred of men and boys which is at the core of feminism. Meanwhile he can occupy his time writing ineffectual letters to the Guardian.

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