2 thoughts on “Bill Burr: ‘There is NO reason to hit a woman!’

  1. It’s noteworthy that Bill Burr feels it necessary to deprecate himself, and men generally, to appease the man-hating tendency, even though the audience accepts his point that women often provoke violent outbursts, sometimes deliberately. Regardless, he’s to be congratulated for raising what, for a man in entertainment, particularly a US man, is currently a very dangerous subject. He broke the ground Bill Maher feels he can now plough safely. The ball seems to be rolling nicely. Perhaps, by 2020, the social and economic destruction wrought by gynocentrism will be deemed sufficiently important for men, and the women who love us, to vote for men’s rights candidates who are not afraid to put the men’s side of ‘DV’.

    As an aside, I particularly enjoyed his response to the nagging female heckler. No ‘white knight’ deference there. Such is the power of comedy, or at least American comedy – ours, BBC approved graduates of that dated, 1980s, sneering school of spite, (the) ‘Alternative’ (to) Comedy – are embarrassingly limp by comparison.

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