Tyne bridge update

A supporter of Real Fathers for Justice has now been on the Tyne bridge for nine days. Ray Barry, the leader of the organisation, has emailed us the following:

The protest has it’s own Facebook page, with up-to-date news, pictures and comment – here.

There’s also an 8-minute YouTube video of Simon being interviewed the day before he went up, combined with footage of him climbing up in the early hours of last Sunday morning – here.

We are working on another video with footage of Sunday’s gathering of supporters on the bridge and outside the law courts, which should be uploaded in a day or two. It should be very good. It includes Garry Featherstone performing, on the steps of the lawcourts yesterday, the song he composed (Bridge over the Tyne) for Simon’s bridge protests, which you can hear running through the above 8 minute video.

There will also be footage of the release of 50 balloons into the air, and the group of us marching with a big banner from the law courts to the bridge.

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