The professorial pay gender gap

Our thanks to Jeff for alerting us to the latest example of the power of whiny women, courtesy of The Independent – here.

Little in the article will make sense to a critical person with an IQ above that of a fruit fly, other than this paragraph:

A spokesman for Bristol University said that historically men have progressed to a higher professional level than women which means that more of them have reached a higher pay scale for the same grade, which is based on length of service as well as experience.

One thought on “The professorial pay gender gap

  1. Don’t joke about these things Mike, the gender pay gap is real. I haven’t had any sort of income for five years and receive no benefits yet I still earn 23% more than my wife, even though she is the breadwinner. I was confused too, until I put on my gynocentric spectacles, then it all made perfect sense.

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