‘Mike, would you like to have sex with my wife?’

In 2008 my book Two Men in a Car: a businessman, a chauffeur, and their holidays in France was published, and it’s still selling modestly to this day, earning some much-needed income. I’m considering recording it as an audio book, retailing at a modest price, and have just published an excerpt (less than five minutes long) on our YouTube channel – here. Background to the piece under the file.

Four photographs relating to the book are here. From the top:

– George and Vicky’s swimming pool (Provence)
– myself in another pool, in a villa we rented (near Cahors)
– myself near some of the most valuable Chardonnay vines in the world (Puligny Montrachet, Burgundy)
– Paul Carrington looking sinister behind the wunderwagen, a Mercedes S-class 320CDi. It was possibly worth more than the J4MB battle van is today…

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