Lucy Walcott: It’s perfectly OK to hit a woman (in retaliation)

My thanks to Eldritch Edain, who runs the excellent Men’s Psychology blog, for publishing his response to an intelligent piece by Lucy Walcott, a feminist – I assume she’s American – on the subject of whether it can ever be justified for a man to hit a women. There’s enough insightful material on her Not Particularly Pauciloquent blog for me to add it to our list of recommended websites. Now I never thought I’d be adding a feminist’s blog to that list, and obviously we’d suggest she stops describing herself as a feminist (likewise Christina Hoff Sommers, come to that). I invite you to check her website out for yourself, and let me know what you think.

Why should Lucy stop identifying as a feminist? For the reasons outlined by Herbert Purdy in an article last October.

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