Frenchwoman jailed for only 18 months for torturing boyfriend in Paris flat

Our thanks to M for pointing us to a report on the BBC website. Another ridiculously lenient sentence, this time in France. I cannot help but look in such articles for the inevitable excuse(s). Inevitable because women must not be seen as having moral agency, as being the equals of men when it comes to being held responsible for their actions and inactions. The excuse is at the end of the piece:

Medkour’s lawyers blamed her addiction to alcohol and she apologised for her actions. “I’m not heartless,” she was quoted as saying.

The following lazy journalism is not unexpected in a piece on the BBC website:

French campaign groups say abuse by men against women is three times more common, but say as many as 7,000 men complain of abuse every year.

‘French campaign groups’, eh? Hmm, I wonder if they might be run by feminists, given that in the UK the figure would be 1.5 times more common (British Crime Surveys consistently report this ratio). And anyway, does the ratio matter? Should we not care about men such as Maxime Gaget?

7,000 Frenchmen complain of abuse every year, they say. Even if the figure is true, it’s surely a huge under-statement of the number of Frenchmen being abused by female partners.

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