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The other day we had a donation of £250 from a new supporter, John Elliot. I asked him if he’d like to write a piece about why he’s supporting J4MB, and this was his response:

“It was 1955, and the sun shone on the houses that were our homes. I played outside and enjoyed the world of a five-year-old.

From a few doors away, a girl of 13 started coming to our house, presumably out of a teenager’s fascination with small children. I can’t remember what we did, but one day I put my hand up her skirt from behind. She stiffened and then relaxed as the frisson of pleasure took over her body. After that we engaged in rudimentary sexual activity regularly in the back garden in a den that we had made.

I was too young to have proper intercourse. She was frustrated with my pathetic efforts and, accordingly, one day she calmly got up and went to the back door of our house. My mother came to the door and the girl complained that I had sexually interfered with her. In the background, I hopped up and down, thinking that now I was in big trouble. My mother didn’t understand, or pretended not to, and the girl went off down the garden path, defeated. My mother took me into the house and told me not to do it again. It was one of the few good things she did for me.

That day I learned that:

– Females lie brazenly about sexual matters

– They believe that sex is something bad that males do to females

– They believe that they are absolved from all complicity in such matters

The years passed, and I suffered from child abuse. I was frequently beaten by my father. I was terrorised every day. I spent the whole of my childhood in fear. My mother displayed the typical female characteristic of passivity. When I tried to talk to her about it she just defended my father. Women frequently defend abusive men. Males suffer more violence than females, mainly from other men of the nasty variety.

When I grew up I was exhausted. I couldn’t do my schoolwork, and couldn’t work at a job. I just wanted a big rest in life. When you suffer child abuse, you don’t grow up to become Rudolph Valentino. Your ability to make friends and have girlfriends is all but destroyed. And so I was given a bad time by women who didn’t want to hear that I was not feeling well. They wanted me to sweep them off their feet. They couldn’t have behaved more nastily.

The years passed, and I was getting nowhere with anything. I approached Social Services telling them that I lacked self-esteem, and could they help me with it, so that I could have some sort of social life? The social workers were feminists and gave me ‘social skills’ therapy in order to help me with my low self-esteem.  The idea is that if you learn the right way of approaching women, you will gain confidence.  It didn’t do me any good.  I already knew social skills.  I was just too shy to put them into effect.

One of them said, ‘I’m a feminist and a very angry one!’ I should have picked up on this warning and fled from there, but I stayed because I needed help. One day, at one of the sessions, I had had enough. I told them that I was sick and tired at the way their feminism kept interfering with my therapy on an ongoing basis. I told them I wanted it to stop. They terminated my sessions.

A few months later I received a letter from the psychological Forensic Service. Psychiatric hospitals have forensic psychology departments which help people who have broken the law. I hadn’t broken the law, however, and was referred maliciously to the service by the feminists. This is the kind of thing that has been happening to men in silence. This example is a subsection of the false sexual allegation by women of men such as in false allegations of rape. I was falsely accused of being anti-women.

Abuse of men by feminists occurs in the Health System and not just in the family and criminal courts. Men are in fear of talking about these kind of matters openly for fear of being seen as guilty of the allegations made against them.

The feminists had referred me, behind my back, saying that I was anti-women. I saw the letter they sent. I went to the meeting and explained the situation to the psychologist. Luckily he understood, and said I wasn’t in need of therapy.

I then went to County Hall to look at my Social Worker records. I couldn’t believe what I read. They had written that at the next session ‘I’d wanted a woman to f..k.’ I was devastated and felt a sexual feeling rise in my groin at what they had done to me.

The thing is if you have something really horrendous done to you, which is a lie and is designed to get you into the worst trouble, you will likely have a reaction such as a sexual feeling arising in your body. It happens because you realise that someone or some people have tried to destroy you. This attests to an area of suffering by men which is not allowed to be talked about. This is probably the kind of thing that happened to men when they were sentenced to death.

I left and went to a solicitor. The solicitor wrote to County Hall. Their reply came, and they didn’t admit anything. I was screwed. Down through the years this caused me great anguish.

But I knew what was in women’s minds for certain.

More time passed and I was living alone and broken in unpleasant accommodation.

Thatcher came and went, and then a huge liberal onslaught started. The media were attacking men, day in day out, year in year out. Television is a staple diet of the lonely, and I had to put up with these insults every time I switched the thing on.

I started writing letters to people in power. I wrote to the television companies, to their complaints agencies, to my MP, to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to the Home Office, to the heads of parties and many others which I can’t remember. The result was always the same. They would quash my complaints. I came to the conclusion that I had tried talking with these people and they weren’t prepared to talk. I was dealing with people who didn’t believe in freedom of speech. They didn’t believe in letting men have a right of reply on the media. They were indoctrinated. They were the fascist left. Now, even the right is feminised.

All that I did, and all that I went through, I went through by myself. There was no-one to turn to. All the anxiety that I underwent was done on my own. So many years, so much pain. Now, I’m in my twilight years, friendless, and having achieved nothing in life. I haven’t had a career or family. The biggest sadness in my life is that I never had children.

One day, out of nowhere, J4MB sprang, up and suddenly I was reading stories by people who had been through the mill like myself. Mike Buchanan was even appearing on a hostile media, was even standing for office. I can’t express how relieved I was. I could have cried except for the fact that men tend not to cry. But I sobbed inside!

Now, I’m looking forward to more counter ideology making it into the media. Especially after the election. I suspect that the majority of the people of this country are fed up with feminists and would like to see them hurled out of power.

We mustn’t feel sorry for feminists. They have shown that they have absolutely no mercy for us. To them we are just disposable drones that they wipe their feet on. We should take the initiative on a constant basis. It is right that we back up our statements with facts and statistics.

For the first time in life, there is hope. Thank you, J4MB.

John Elliot”

6 thoughts on “John Elliot – ‘Something of a life’

  1. Pussinska and Piotr. Thanks for your good feedback. I’m glad I posted. It’s nice to feel that people are on your side and to have understanding from others.

  2. Thanks Tim. It’s nice to feel that my hard earned experiences are appreciated. Would have replied earlier except I’ve been struggling with the intricacies of WordPress account activation.

  3. This is horrible. The only thing I can say to this gentleman is that very often women are more anti-women than men. One of the reasons I have finally plucked up the courage to go self employed is that at 53 I am no longer prepared to be subjected to a woman of childbearing age. I won’t carry her on my back and then be abused by her.
    If I am ever in a position to employ, I will never employ a young woman.

  4. Wow, that’s very moving. Thanks John, it’s so important for other men, whose lives have been blighted by misandry/feminism/gynocentrism (take yer pick, they’re the same thing) to know they’re not alone. The current discourse on gender has no space for male suffering beyond the contemptuous victim-blaming of ‘patriarchy hurts men too’. Every story shared goes some way to exposing this lie. Thank you again. Pesky Tim.

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