Fundraiser hits £6,000 target. Thank you.

I’m delighted to report that our fundraiser reached its £6,000 target in the early hours of this morning. I’ve placed an order with our printer, and all 95,000 households in the Ashfield and Broxtowe constituencies will receive our final A3 leaflet (with a new ‘appeal to voters’) in the two to three weeks before the election on 7 May. I should like to thank all the generous supporters who enabled this to happen, many new donors among them.

One of the final donations was from a new donor, who wrote this to me in an email:

I could only afford ten pounds, but figured it was something practical I could do to help raise awareness of men’s issues; I spent 11 years in a horribly abusive relationship, with no resources available for me or my kids – and now another four years fighting in a system that can be summarised as “from her, no evidence is required – from him, no evidence is sufficient”.

Good luck. It’ll be a long game.


One thought on “Fundraiser hits £6,000 target. Thank you.

  1. Well done Mike. Of course only a month until the election is done. The amount of work you have done in raising men’s issues is phenomenal. Thank you.

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