John Carter – ‘Why I support J4MB’

John Carter has been a regular and generous donor over the past two years, from soon after J4MB was launched. He’s just sent this:

Hi Mike,

Just sent the last bit of money I have spare until pay day. A massive £15.31 to the J4MB bank account. Good luck raising the rest of the funds. I just want at least some men and women to have a chance to vote for a party that values everyone.

In my area I am disenfranchised in the coming election because there is no national party willing to stand up against the feminist agenda which is destroying society. My rights to a voice are nearly gone. So I will back you until the mainstream recognise the need to stop this one-sided blindness in politics and stop trying to disenfranchise men and boys from having a fair chance in life.

Best wishes,

John Carter

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