The new commentator on men’s issues at the ‘International Business Times’ is…

International Business Times recently commissioned me to write a fortnightly column on men’s issues, for the sake of balance – the online news service already had two feminist commentators, including Special Snowflake, twice a winner of our ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards. After only two pieces the IBT ended the agreement, and an earlier blog post contained the text of the email my Commissioning Editor sent (he agreed that I could publish it).

My thanks to P for informing me that the IBT has a new commentator on gender issues, a person considered by every significant MRA of my acquaintance to be a feminist – here.

If this is ‘balance’, I’m a Walnut Whip.

3 thoughts on “The new commentator on men’s issues at the ‘International Business Times’ is…

  1. this insane,lop-sided anti-men scenario is ONLY possible in societies that refuse to acknowledge the profound changes in our present day societies in the west. Continuing to accord women preferential treatment on the basis of ‘good’ gentlemanly manners in an era where women ferouciously,often unfairly, compete with men for jobs and ranking is directly responsible for current state of affairs. Once women will be required to conform to men’s standards equally,and I mean this across the board,only then will we have a fair and balanced society. But as long as the ‘gentlemen’ keep their heads buried in the sand,nothing will change. Wake up boys,there are very few ladies left to deserve the gentlemanly treatment at this point in time,if any. And above all,gentlemanly treatment doesn’t belong to the workplace or the court of law.Unfortunately,it is still being accorded where it absolutely does not belong.

  2. I wonder what on Earth they thought you were going to write about………?
    I can only imagine they didn’t do their research properly, if at all.

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