Stephanie Laughlin nominates herself for a ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award

We try not to waste the time of followers of this site by posting links to endless silly pieces being written about J4MB by feminists, but we do enjoy pieces that feminists have clearly spent time and effort  on, yet are none the less silly for it.

A prime example has just come to our attention. Stephanie Laughlin is studying Public Relations at McGill University, Montreal, and earlier this evening she posted  a piece titled Mike Buchanan’s not the man you’re looking for. In doing so, she’s nominated herself – perhaps unwittingly – for our ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award. The latest award certificate is here.

Her article is a classic of its type. On the plus side, she’s provided link to materials such as our election manifesto. On the other hand she misrepresents much of what we stand for, and time is too short to critique the whole piece. But we particularly enjoyed this:

A quick scan of the J4MB website shows that Buchanan posts emails from the type of fans that compare feminists to dogs.

She’s right. We have done that –  once, anyway. We assume few readers of her piece will bother to check out the link, which is a shame. If they did so, they’re find this. Enjoy.

One thought on “Stephanie Laughlin nominates herself for a ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award

  1. wouldn’t worry about it.

    it is such an appaling hit piece that is unable to grasp the basic principle of singular vocal communication( a woof or even meow?) and then turn it into a comparison of feminists to dogs?

    or that somehow being twice divorced make someone a misogynist? so that means all the twice women are misandrist?.
    does that make all divorcess misogynist/misandrist in training??

    BTW Stephanie Laughlin – I hope that you read this comment rather than scan it because here is a simple piece of deduction WAF stands for women against feminsim. You can’t say that they really are in favour of feminsim or feminist issues becasue the clue is in the title ( “against” ).

    I hope you did not submit that article as part of your PR studies because it is poorly researched, poorly thought out, poorly put together, poorly reasoned, poorly argued.

    its just POOR!

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