Feminist aborts baby because it was a boy: ‘Something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,’ she says.

In our election manifesto we make a number of proposals with respect to abortion. One of the reasons for proposing a reduction in the maximum term for elective abortions from 24 weeks to 13 weeks (other than on the grounds of reducing the risk to the physical health of mothers) is that the gender of foetuses is not clear at 13 weeks. Elective abortions being carried out after 13 weeks to end the lives of foetuses on gender grounds would become illegal. This story concerns an American woman’s decision to have an elective abortion in her fifth month of pregnancy solely because the foetus was male. Such an action would be perfectly legal in the UK.

6 thoughts on “Feminist aborts baby because it was a boy: ‘Something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,’ she says.

  1. sorry mike can I add this below ?

    from one of the many comments in reposnse to the woman in this story and perhaps one that should go to avfm.
    respone from a commentor called bombe 20
    Bombe 20 says:
    January 29, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    Let me start by saying this: I totally respect and support the right of every woman to decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term. For any reason at all. A pregnancy has all sorts of effects on the body (and the mind) and while I find the slogan “my body, my choice” a bit too slogan-ish, I consider it basically correct.
    Now, I do think it is too late for an abortion once the fetus could be kept alive outside the womb, but that is a different discussion.

    But I have just had a look into my crystal ball and learned a few interesting about your daughter:

    In one to two years, she will find out that she has a sex — that she is a girl. And she will strongly defend that. She will love Arielle and Barbie and all things pink. She will want to be a princess for Halloween.
    Maybe you will try to push her in a different direction. You will give her a toy car. She will cuddle it, give it a name and put it to bed. Then you will give her a toy plane. She will make sure the plane becomes friends with the car and put them to bed together. You will give her toy tools. She will use the hammer as a baby bottle to feed the plane and the car. And she’ll still like pink.

    Sure, you will try to reason with her, argue with her, maybe shout at her. But that won’t change anything. At the most, she will learn not to talk about what she likes because it upsets mommy; in that case, you will not have liberated her, you will have broken her.

    Eventually she will learn what you did. That you betrayed her out of having an elder brother. An elder brother who would have loved her, cherished her, protected her. Maybe you will be able to outwardly convince her that your decision and your reasons were right. But deep inside she will despise you.

    And somewhere around 13 to 16 years of age she will start to rebel. On whatever the internet looks like then, she will find intelligent, thoughful and outspoken women like Erin Pizzey, Karen Staughan and the rest of the Honey Badgers. She will listen to what they have to say, see that it has merit and she will think of what you did to her brother.
    And she will become a vocal Men’s Human Rights Activist. You will have raised the next leader of the MHRM. Just by being who you are, doing what you do.

    Like making light of a horrendous crime. A man on a plane says something mean to you and you have the gall to claim you feel like you had been raped? Can you even imagine how reading such a sentence must feel to an actual victim of rape?

    But maybe you do. Everything that you write makes it very clear that you are harboring some kind of trauma. Maybe something really bad happened to you at some point in your life, maybe you even inherited it from your parents.
    But one thing is very clear: Joining a hateful ideology is not a healthy and productive way to process trauma. Therapy is.


  2. yes I read it and the follow up.
    That woman has a one year old daughter who will eventually find out that her mum chose her soley for her gender rather than as an individual. That she lost a brother for no reason other than his gender. Its going to make her angry, upset and afraid of her mother.

    if anyone out there were to argue a case for selective compulsory sterlisation this example would have be used to the detriment of the human race.

    I also note mike your reason for shortening the period in which abortion can be peformed. I may not agree with this, but I can understanding the thinking behind it and this pathetic excuse for a parent is a good reason to ask for a reduction in the time period. Something your ciritcs like the blinkered stephanie laughlin failed to mention in her “scan” of the website.

    I don’t think I have seen a single condemnation from any feminist groups on this story
    amazing how they are up in arms over the selective abortions in places like india and china and yet when its one of their own self proclaimed feminists in their own back yard, they are so so quiet.
    no “not in our name” protest being held.

  3. Complete downfall of a formerly civilized culture. Pink buses campaigns, removal of due process for men, abortion of male children, preferential treatment of women and girls….growing debts due to lesser competitiveness of western, politically saddled companies, decline in education….all because of feminist hysteria… Is this a time when the gentlemen should remain gentlemen and therefore do nothing to stem this madness-just because it is being perpetrated by ‘ladies’?

  4. A slutty single mom I dated long ago was ranting about how men have it so easy while women’s lives are shit. “Your son will be a man someday”, I offered. “Yes”, she replied, “I’m grateful for that. If I were pregnant with a girl, I’d do her a favor and get an abortion.” But a few years later, she sent me a card announcing that she’d had a baby girl.

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