3 thoughts on “Belinda Brown: The toxic legacy of Superwoman: Career women insist feminism means ALL women having jobs, but could that belief blight the lives of mothers – and their children?

  1. At this time of the morning I can only observe that one ‘anna’ reiterates, in the comments, the traditional female whine that women have to give up their careers because of the appalling lack of childcare in this country. Women choose to have babies and therefore men must be coerced into paying tax to fund childcare for children that are not theirs so that the women who have borne them can continue working as a personal right.

    Could I but find my gynocentric spectacles I might see the sense in that.

  2. For every bit of “independence” from home and children a career woman achieves, another woman is mandated to be alienated from the home and children she wants, using the “convenience foods”, formula, daycare, and other “elements of progress” the first woman uses to emancipate herself, and which the second woman’s employer holds out as a means to tether her to her “career”.

    The first woman wonders why the second woman isn’t grateful for these “advantages”. The children wonder why the first woman is admired at all.

    Then it becomes clear. The first woman is using male values to measure self worth and self esteem completely denegrating traditional female values back when women offered some value to the family, society, etc., in a manner largely unique to women. Now those same women complain, “what happened to all the men?” What happened to the women? Apparently all they have to offer today is sex. Technology is coming to the rescue there too.

  3. The simple truth is that the west was much more powerful,influenntial,democratic and enterprising when the family was traditional. With women fully in the workforce,our legal system is swamped by harrassment suits,our companies burdened by quotas and politiccal correctness at the expense of genuine competitivness,and our children are carted off to the care of strangers,no matter how well qualified-Stil strangers…. Our women take double the sick leave our men do,further exasperating the finances of our businesses.Laslty,our market shares are dwindling as our ’empowered’ workforce is cost ineffective on world markets,Our men are demoralized by all this mayhem and the final result is decline in economic performance and snowballing debts… Is this the ‘winning’ formula,the ‘we can have it all’ outcome our feminists were talking about? Because this is the real result of our ‘equality’ policy….

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