4 thoughts on “Ex-wife told to get a job

  1. I bet the judge has noticed that movement like J4MB is taking off. It was always about men’s political fightback. I would bet anything on it that Mike has something to do with this positive development! The kind of payoffs wives have been getting away with for the past 2 decades is outrageous,unjustifiable. All because men did not fight back politically. I salute J4MB and to me personally, it is the most important movement/party in the world today. And I know it sounds strange.
    So crazy are the times we live in…..

  2. As usual,  in losing the case the Lawyer resorts to “think of the children” appeals to chivalry. As with feminists there are two formulations about being a housewife and mother. 
    A. In the context of alimony it is a complex and valuable set of roles, as CEO of the home propelling the husband’s career magically upward. Carefully worked out to be as valuable work as an executive. 

    But most of the time it is:
    B. A set of roles that are boring , repetitive and undemanding that could be done by a child of eight but more usually should be done by minimum wage staff ( usually female). While the wife and mother concerned gets on with something far more satisfactory and lucrative ( writing in the Guardian perhaps). 

  3. 1,300 comments and rising. Hard to find anyone who disagrees with the judge. Here’s a few examples: ‘At last – common sense prevails’, ‘About time someone sided with a man in court’. ‘Well done judge’.
    Let’s hope this acts as a precedent for future similar cases. Can I hold my breath please?

  4. I hope this sets a legal precedent as it simply reflects the society we live in. Clearly there is no reason not to expect a woman to at least attempt to support themselves. Had the situation been reversed it would not have even been a question.

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