The cat litter incident

I was campaigning along with Ray Barry and Josh Stone (18) outside Nottingham University for four hours this afternoon, engaging with students and other passers-by, and we were filmed for a documentary for a major broadcasting network. Both put in stellar performances, and afterwards Josh and I were interviewed separately and at length for the programme. We were told the documentary will be broadcast in the autumn.

At the end of our four hours we had ‘the cat litter incident’. Some background under the 23-second video. Please leave your comments there. Thanks.

It’s not all glamorous, this campaigning mullarky…

2 thoughts on “The cat litter incident

  1. Shit, I know the guy who did it, they (yes, he asks to be referred to as ‘they’) is your typical leftist feminist.

  2. if you have an image of the persons face – then why not publish it with a link to the video( put a caption like shit for brains student unable to engage in politics!)
    and then send a copy to the university and ask them for comment on the behaviour of one of their students.

    isn’t it an offence under council bylaws about fouling the public with animal waste( eg dogs and maybe cats!)

    anyway well done guys, I guess they lost the arguement before even opening their mouths. You are right in that there seems to be a correlation between the rising anger of a person argueing and the rational of their arguements

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