3 thoughts on “Kangaroo courts on campus: ‘martial law against men’

  1. The entire western world has turned into an anti-men kangaroo court when dealing with any men/women/children/family issues.
    What started with a courtious treatment of women by men has turned into total anti-men hysteria.
    If this is what our women give men back for their gentlemanly treatment of them,then I say “Mr.Nice Guy” no more,across the board ! And time to start treating women according to what they actually deserve.

  2. Back in 2011, when first reporting on the ‘Dear Colleague’ letter, American feminist Christina Hoff Sommers warned: ‘The new regulations should be seen for what they really are. They are not an enlightened new procedure for protecting students from crime. They are a declaration of martial law against men, justified by an imagined emergency.’
    That this same process I’ds surfacing is of grave concern . Exactly why one needs a party concerned with simple justice. As we often follow the USA this is very likely to get worse here.

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