Reviews of ‘Feminism: the ugly truth’ on

Spoiler one-star reviews of ‘Feminism: the ugly truth’ on continue to drive sales of the book, pleasingly. Occasionally reviewers display a little wit. I enjoyed the latest review, from ‘Liam’:

Reading Mickeys other works I was to say the least very confused with this last edition. The chapter on tiny nosed women of color was written entirely in rhyme, and included nothing but detailed descriptions of the puff pastries he eats in order of preference. Something has gone wrong here. Once a voice of the “New Britain” it is sad to see that Mickey has clearly had some kind of psychotic break. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the continual references and spontaneous fan fiction about the cast of Cats The Musical, I felt it had little to no relevancy in regards to feminism. Anyway I am wishing Mike the best of recoveries, and am hoping that he has a family around him at this time.

Cameron Waller, in contrast, managed this:


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