Erin Gibson – the genius orchestrating spoiler ‘reviews’ of ‘Feminism: the ugly truth’ on

[Note added 27.1.15: While you’re here, why not check out why Caroline Criado-Perez has won three ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards? Details here.]

Our thanks to J for his detective work in tracking this and this down. A few people have suggested I report the ‘reviews’ to in a bid to have them removed. I have no intention of doing so, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to do so. What better indicator could we ask for, to demonstrate the herd instinct, the nastiness, and the sheer stupidity of feminists? The more the merrier. I should be delighted to see a million such ‘reviews’.

You couldn’t make it up, could you? Feminists are now actively promoting J4MB.

Thanks, ladies.

3 thoughts on “Erin Gibson – the genius orchestrating spoiler ‘reviews’ of ‘Feminism: the ugly truth’ on

  1. good idea not to have amazon remove it
    let the amazon rating system sink under its own loss of integrity

    i hope someone keeps snapshots of erins page asking peope to put false reviews( she may not says the words but its obvious).

    the next time someone makes an arguement for the latest fem book, ask them if they need the assistance of fake reviewer erin gibson and her troll army to help the fem book ratings.
    poor poor erin, so crap at comedy that you need to resort to a paid trolling job to make ends meet. please send her a link to a food bank thanks.

    i often wonder if such people realise that the stuff on the internet is NOT forgotten( regardless of what google says) and this behaviour does come back to haunt you later.

    on another note- anyone see the guardian article on stalking?( womens blog of course) having followed an article by a woman who stalks her own husband.

    there is a commenter called cheryl fillekes who using every artilce she comments on as a soapbox to claim something like 1 in 2 US policemen are wife beaters, even i was accused of being a wife beater, along with the violent video games claims. very much a ranter and with possibly some mental health issues as she keep making claims of sexual assult on a university campus (USA). she has been debunked by various reposnders, but as usual there is the guardian moderation against challengers.

    anyway keep it going mike, i just love it when the fems just can’t disagree about something they have to sabotage it like a spoilt child. we all know you won’t get to form a coaltion govt( but wouldn’t that make a sour face for harman and cooper?), but the awareness levels… you couldn’t pay to get that !!

  2. The sales rank of the book was at around 250,000 yesterday evening. Now at 87,177 and also ranked as the 26th most popular feminist theory book.

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