Metropolitan Police: one in 12 female officers fail fitness tests, and one in 80 male officers

Our thanks to J for this in last Friday’s Evening Standard. The paper’s editor, Sarah Sands, is a feminist, and we see the expected downplaying of a gender perspective in a story when women don’t come out well by comparison with men. But the stark fact is that one in 12 female officers fails a basic fitness test, along with just one in 80 male officers. The lesson is obvious. We ‘need’ more female officers. Ahem.

It’s obvious that a basic level of physical fitness is required by police officers in certain circumstances, yet it’s far from clear that a consistently poor level of fitness will result in a police officer losing his/her job. Yet another example of standards being compromised so as to drive up the proportion of women in a well-paid profession. And when police officers are deliberately put in a dangerous situation, e.g. raiding a drugs den, you can be sure of two things:

1. Male officers will be first into the building, with their female colleagues (on equal pay) following some time later, if at all; and

2. A spokeswoman will later relate to the media what’s happened.

3 thoughts on “Metropolitan Police: one in 12 female officers fail fitness tests, and one in 80 male officers

  1. Being a gentleman does not mean men should have to tolerate and put up with women’s second rate performance on the job. That is not what the gentlemanly code of conduct was intended for.
    If you are in the theatre,or if you see a woman struggle with heave luggage on a train,then do be a gentleman and help her out (as long as she is not a feminist,false rape accuser or a woman who pushed her husband out of a marriage and relieved him of his kids in an unfair manner- it is highly possible she has perpetrated at least one of these things though). But do not think that just because you are a gentleman you should avoid criticising female workers for their shortcomings or quotas. That is in breach of democratic principles and sound economic governance. We can not prosper as a nation,,a culture if because of our gentlemanly manners, we start overlooking some workers’ poor performance, solely based on their female gender. If we continue doing so,we will all become losers in the end. Reserve your gentlemanly behavour towards women outside of workplace, Do not drag it in with you. It does not belong there !
    In the same way as ladies’ manners and ettiquette do not belong in the frontlines of a battlefield….

  2. The answer is indeed obvious. They will degrade fitness tests until the women can pass it. A longstanding and corrupt practise.

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