Laura Bates’s book signing in Hampstead

Yesterday evening I was at Waterstone’s in Hampstead, where Laura Bates was due to give a talk and sign copies of her whine book, Everyday Sexism. I arrived 15 minutes early, bought a ticket, and noted the staff had put out 50-60 chairs. Half were already occupied, mostly by women in their late teens or 20s, the remainder by older women and a few hapless-looking men.

I’d taken along 50 copies of a flyer to hand out, containing the proof that Bates’s repeated claim that, ‘Over two women per week are killed by partners or former partners in the UK’ was false, and that her dogged repetition of the claim after we’d sent her contradictory evidence (government statistics) made her an indisputable liar, and a worthy winner of our latest Lying Feminist of the Month award.

The front row was fully occupied by young women, so I walked along the row, saying:

Hi! Big fan of Laura Bates! Can I give you one of my handouts?

The reaction was positive, and it wasn’t until I’d handed out a number of flyers that the penny started to drop. I handed out flyers to other people, and before long the whining started. In one row of seven 20-something women, one of them said, ‘You claim Laura Bates is a liar. What proof do you have?’ I replied, ‘Well, the proof is in the flyer, but I have a copy with me of the ONS report which proves she’s a liar. Would you like to see the relevant section of the report?’ She replied, ‘No thanks!’, handed the flyer back to me, and the women with her did likewise, in a suitably anxious sheep-like fashion. It was the phenomenon we’re so familiar with, feminists being unwilling to engage with facts which prove their narratives to be lies. For these women, feelings trump facts every time. They might as well have said to me:

Laura’s nice, she’s on the telly and the radio all the time, so she can’t be lying, you’re a bad man for saying it’s even possible! I’m grateful to her for explaining why my life is a complete mess – sexism!!!

One cackling young crone claimed loudly that I had no evidence Bates was lying. I offered to show her the proof – the ONS report – and her cackling became louder. I asked her why she was cackling, a question which appeared to confuse her. I was reminded why we’d presented Laura Bates’s defenders our latest Gormless Feminists of the Month award. Some of these women aren’t… er… let’s be kind… well. Bats in the belfry, and all that.

I got a warmer reception from others, including a 30-something French woman who was prepared to engage in a rational discussion, to my amazement. The men in the audience were predictably hopeless. Those who were with their female partners looked like rabbits dazed by car headlights when I offered them the flyer, while two of three men sitting on their own refused to accept one. I said to one of them, ‘Aren’t you interested that the person you’ve paid to hear talk tonight has been shown publicly to be a liar, but won’t retract her lie?’ He was at a loss for anything to say, and shifted on his seat uncomfortably.

Just before the scheduled start time, two young female members of staff came to me and asked me to leave, saying Laura Bates was nervous, as she’d received death threats. I said I was the last person in the world likely to threaten Laura Bates, as she’s such an asset to J4MB – a feminist who lies publicly, then lies publicly about having lied publicly. But they were politely insistent, so I left. I couldn’t see Bates, who was presumably keeping out of the way lest my shadow fall on her, leading to her instant collapse and death.

We look forward to attending other public events where Bates and other prominent feminists are appearing. No longer can they expect to attend events without being publicly exposed as liars.

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  1. P.S.
    It won’t take the femarxists long to get wise to this, thus they will attempt to use the violence of the state against you by claiming you were violent, threatening etc.
    I wonder if it would be possible to take along an incognito witness – apparently not with you -(perhaps female). Also, you mentioned you took a cam with you but didn’t use it. These days you can get vid cams (with sound) small enough to clip onto a tie or lapel – I have one, they’re not bad for the size and not expensive. I can imagine the satisfaction of shewing what really happened at some sort of legal proceeding, – great publicity.

  2. Thanks. I took a video camera along but didn’t use it, and of course didn’t I see Bates’s actual presentation. I imagine she played the damsel in distress to perfection, coming out with personal attacks like those she’d employed on ‘Free Speech Live’. A wicked man expecting her to retract a lie, and bringing along documentary proof she’d lied – it shouldn’t be allowed! The blog piece had an exceptionally high number of hits today, pleasingly.

  3. Mike, please be careful when doing such great work. I hope you were recording what went on at all times, it’s not unreasonable to expect that a serial liar is eventually going to come up with further lies, and perhaps ones that might be harder to disprove so easily without a recording.

    Such records would actually serve a dual purpose. Had you recorded some of these interactions with feminists, then if they were half as entertaining as your posts suggest then I’m sure they’d create a bit of a stir and get a good few thousand visits at the very least.

  4. Thanks. Bates appeals to women who are keen to be told they bear no responsibility for things that make them unhappy, anxious etc. She teaches them to attribute all their problems to sexism (i.e. men as a class), thereby infantilising them. Unhappy because you’re fat? Objectification = sexism. Unhappy because your career has stalled? Lack of ability, work ethic etc. = sexism. Many of these brainwashed women will remain in that sorry miserable state for life. The Everyday Whining Project has 170,000+ followers on Twitter. Her book is like herself, as funny as a dislocated shoulder.

  5. Do be careful Mike.Young feminists appear to bring out a wave of White knightery in our police. I was surprised that there would be anyone at such a book signing. Though to be honest I haven’t paid much attention to Ms Bates and her sillinesses, I suppose it might be funny, her book?

  6. Am I right in thinking that MS ‘Word’ didn’t recognise ‘misandry’ as a proper word until recently? My 1,800+ page Chambers Dictionary doesn’t have ‘gynocentrism’ or any of its derivatives, though it was used in books as far back as the late 19th century.

  7. Thanks for that, I didn’t know; I’ve never found misandry or any word with that root in any dictionary. Some years ago I coined the word misandry because I wasn’t aware that it existed and I thought that, logically, it should. You can imagine my surprise when, some years afterwards, I discovered that others had coined it too. Of course, it had existed all the while; it had simply not been used, unlike misogyny.

    I prefer misandrous but there are a number of nouns with two or more adjectival forms so I hope that misandric, and misandristic (not to mention ‘misandristical’) come into common use – anything that raises public awareness of such vile behaviour.

  8. Thanks William. It would make my day if she were to publicly accuse me of stalking her, because it would then draw mainstream media attention to our public challenge of her, as a serial liar.

  9. PS: Paul Jackson makes a valid point in alluding to accusations of ‘stalking’. Be careful Mike: there’s nothing the authorities like better than a damsel legally in distress and a legally helpless male victim.

  10. Thanks – agreed! According to my huge Chambers dictionary, the adjective relating to misandry is ‘misandrous’. A person who hates men is a misandrist. Lots of them about!

  11. Death threats? Someone, somewhere, will be carrying out research into the frequency with which feminists who are questioned about the misandric* misinformation and distortions they are promulgating claim to have received death threats and the number of corresponding reports, with corroborating evidence, they make to the police. I’ll wager on a substantial mismatch.

    * I had to add _misandric_ to the browser dictionary as the spelling checker did not recognise the word.

  12. Keep up the good work, Mike! Debunking and damaging disclosures are the best weapons against the radfems, as has already been demonstrated in the case of Object Now (somewhat ironically, replaced by the Everyday Sexism Project [sic] as the Guardian’s pet radfem group a couple of years ago). Lies and disinformation only work when no one exposes them for what they are.

  13. Brilliant. I like the thought of Mike Buchanan as the Angel of Death.
    I recall Janice Fiamengo observing that when feminists claim to be “fearful” they are often conflating that emotion with feeling uncomfortable – as they are bound to feel when someone challenges their ideology with facts.

  14. Brilliant well done Mike

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Oct 23, 2014, at 12:03 PM, Justice for men & boys wrote: Mike Buchanan posted: “At J4MB we don’t work ‘9 to 5’. No, we work 24/7/365. And so it was that yesterday evening I was at Waterstone’s in Hampstead, where Laura Bates was due to give a talk and sign copies of Everyday Sexism. I arrived 15 minutes early, bought a ticket, and no”

  15. Death threats eh? Could it be that little Ms Pinocchio Bates is at it again?

    What are the bets that she will accuse you next of stalking her?

    Well done for challenging her on her lies Mike.

  16. Well done Mike. ‘Once more unto the breach’ eh? Laura Bates needs to understand that there are many, many people who are now very concerned about her deliberate spreading of misinformation. No longer can anyone be in doubt that she is simply mistaken about her claim ‘Over two women a week are killed by partners of former partners in the UK’ after she’s been so publicly informed of the truth – and that is just about her allegations of domestic homicide, let alone the battery of false statistics she so blatantly spreads – her claim of ‘85,000 women are raped in the UK every year’ is another massive lie. Her activity is socially destabilising. She is feeding off the adulation of impressionable and undiscerning young women, and she needs to be publicly challenged everywhere she goes.

    I think it needs to be said now, that her entrenched refusal to act responsibly (and even to continue exposing herself publicly in the face of death threats, as you report) raises questions not only about her personal integrity, but also about her psychological condition.

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