3 thoughts on “Frank Furedi: ‘Marital bickering is none of the state’s business’

  1. Given that even the Communist Party of China now has it mothballed as it pursues a corporatist fascist form of capitalism let’s say it’s on the ropes. Leaving a gap to be filled by it’s offspring like gender feminism nestling under the PC umbrella, and the storm that is Jihad.

  2. An excellent piece in which Furedi describes the political class following “the end of history” .
    “Morally uncertain and purposeless, the government has refocused its energies on the management of individual behaviour and the regulation of informal relationships.”

    Into this void left by the defeat of Marxism has crept gender feminism. And in the empty spin and poll driven politics of today the strident certainty of feminists appears to scoop up the morally uncertain purposeless political classes and propel them into yet more state interventions .

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