What women (and men) REALLY want: study proves men care more about looks… while women need their partner to be rich and ambitious

Well, this is a turn up for the books, isn’t it?


Two other recent studies have proven beyond reasonable doubt that bears crap in woods, and the Pope is indeed a Catholic.

6 thoughts on “What women (and men) REALLY want: study proves men care more about looks… while women need their partner to be rich and ambitious

  1. The Lawson’s are another prime example, also the Beckham’s.
    In other news; research has shown that Muslims can often be found in Mecca & Medina.

  2. Haha indeed! Or Andy Murray, Paul Daniels, and countless others. Wasn’t it fortunate that Bernie’s daughters took their looks from the former Mrs Ecclestone rather than Bernie?

  3. Agreed. And of course as the number of women in well-paid (usually public sector, e.g. GPs on an average of £104,000 p.a.) jobs goes up, the number of men in well-paid jobs goes down, making female intra-gender competition ever stronger. As always women want the upside of everything, and the downside of nothing.

  4. Given the consistency of such findings over ( to even my limited knowledge) fifty years I’ d say feminists are simply oblivious. As they appear to be to any empirical evidence. The appearance of good health through good looks for women and the appearance of good support through wealth for men, is afterall a “cliche” simply because it is the norm that drives the vast beauty and fashion industries. Hence young women have pressure to look lovely and young men to be well off. I recall Melanie Philips pointing out that feminism was essentially an ideology of young women still in the struggle to get noticed by young men , facing stiff opposition from their ” sisters” and as yet not consciously considering the practicalities of bringing up a family. The everyday sexism project being the latest expression of this frustration with the competition among women to be attractive. Indeed a great deal of the College campaigning in the USA seems to be that young women are also miffed when they attract someone other than their target “demographic”. Oddly there is rarely a matching campaign against the pressure to be “rich” among young men.

  5. I bet studies like these are the feminists’ biggest nightmare. Science is the feminists’ biggest nightmare. Ultimately,the truth is going to destroy them. Usually the case iwhen an entire dogma is based on a lie.

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