Victor Zen responds to a ‘nice’ feminist

I’m busy today preparing for a 20-minute TV appearance tomorrow, but AVfM has published a new video piece by Victor Zen. Now it will be a sad day when I’m too busy to watch a newly-published VZ video, so I’ve just watched it. It’s up to his customary high standard, and worth watching all the way through (23:19). He has a talent for dissecting feminist arguments to a degree not many MHRAs can. There’s very occasional strong language, but so long as you can get through that, you’ll enjoy this:

To a Passerby Feminist

One thought on “Victor Zen responds to a ‘nice’ feminist

  1. Thank you for this. As with others you have featured, Victor Zen is really interesting and closely argued. I think his challenge to “good feminists” about them challenging the dangerous emanations of feminism, particularly institutional feminism that results in sexism in policy, is a particular “test” for a political party. Though I think feminism as an ideological or theoretical idea is based on a fundamental fallacy, I do have some respect for those feminists who have intellectual honesty (those supporting breaking the idealisation of mother and promoting equality in family law for instance) or recognise complexity (those concerned at poor educational attainment of males) but none for those actively engaged in suppressing information (e.g. domestic abuse) or using power to hurt (distorting legal due process or silencing opposing views as hate crime).
    By the way, good luck Mike.

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