Rhiannon Brooker, 30, trainee barrister, cried rape 11 times, landing her boyfriend behind bars for 30 days in a bid to get out of taking law exams

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The case continues, and we shall be astonished if her punishment is proportionate to her crimes. It should include a lengthy prison sentence, but won’t. With her legal background she must have known that if she were caught, as a woman she won’t face appropriate punishment. Women very rarely do.

Little sympathy is shown in the article for her boyfriend, who spent 30 days behind bars. What compensation will he get for the ordeal he’s been put through by this vile woman? None, probably. What compensation will the taxpayer get for funding the police time and resources, and court resources, required to process this case? None, certainly.


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  • it is nearly a certainty she’ll get some probation,perhaps a week community service. And once again,it will show that the current system has been completely corrupted by women.If the majority of women do not see anything wrong with the current situation and the blatant double standards in favour of women,then I can only say that women are simply not fit to govern, Anyone who readily accepts such extreme and blatant double standards as normal,for that matter,is not fit to govern.
    At least not in a supposedly democratic system.

  • There is a complete lack of sympathy for this man in the report, though some for his “family”. Really an indication of the ” suck it up” attitude to men, over a month in prison for something you know you didn’t do? Surely worth some platitude at least.
    I have to say it’s men and women who have Entrenched this double standard. As judgy bitch points out feminists and women aren’t the same thing. And frankly the feminists have simply hitched a lift on chivaly in the criminal justice system. That’s the irony.