A mother’s infidelity and the lie that left her son without a father

As you read this story, bear in mind that one form of paternity fraud – deceiving (or trying to deceive) a man into thinking he’s the biological father of a child, when he’s not – has long been a criminal offence in the UK:


As always in such cases, the woman’s prime concern is for herself rather than her ex-partner, or their child.

Men aren’t entitled to reclaim child support payments made to support children who aren’t their own, the most they can do is seek financial compensation for psychological damage, as in this case, where a man won an out-of court settlement, surely worth a small fraction of the money he’d have paid towards the child’s support.

The Child Support Agency has for many years learned of 500+ paternity fraud cases every year, where a man demands a paternity test and thereby proves his non-paternity. So the CSA knows of the identities and addresses of MANY thousands of women who have committed criminal acts. How many women have ever been convicted of the crime? That’s right:


We’re calling for compulsory testing at birth – at a cost of maybe £25 per test – to stop such cases. The financial burden of supporting the children will then fall on the state, in other words taxpayers, and 72% of income tax in the UK is paid by men, just 28% by women.

One way or another, men pay the bills. I don’t see women complaining about that. Just a day or two ago we put up a video clip of the Australian comedian Jim Jefferies, which touches on exactly that subject. Enjoy:


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