Female paedophiles: ‘ManWomanMyth’ interviews Michele Elliott, author of Kidscape (UK charity)

The pieces we’ve posted today about the female paedophile who sexually abused a boy from the age of eight (when she herself was 16) has led to a record number of hits for a ‘blog piece’. We hope people will take a little time to watch an important video recorded by the man behind the ‘ManWomanMyth’ channel, in 2011. It’s an interview of Michele Elliott, author and director of Kidscape, a UK charity http://www.kidscape.org.uk/. In the course of the interview she briefly reports on extraordinary events at a conference about female sex offenders in 1994, 20 years ago:


If anyone has the slightest doubts about the extent to which children are sexually abused by women and girls, they need to read up on the subject:


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